So long…

Dear all!
Its with both massive heartache and massive relief that I have decided to close the shop.
It has been the greatest ride but the time has come for me to embark on new adventures.

Thunderfist has been my life for 10 years and I have been so incredible privileged and lucky to be in it for so long. To be able to make a living of my passion has been quite the dream.
I have met the most amazing people and visited some amazing places and shops and learned so much and it has all been centered around my biggest love of them all:

The thank you list is long, very long, but first and foremost I’d like to thank the thousands of customers who have trusted me and my crew to service, build and maintain their bikes for so long. We have had the most loyal customers, many of them who have been coming to the shop for 10 years and who have continued to support a small independent bike shop thru thick and thin.

A special thank you goes out to friends, family and bike family:
Lars Storm, Mathias, Emil, Bror, Emanuel, Veronika, Sofie Bay, Johan, Tanja Schlander, Carsten, Katja Tempo, Mikkel, Lasse, Jonas, Sam, Niels, Travis, Christeen, Stine H, Andreas, Fryd, Shuki, Milo, Tilia, Fætter Morten, Michael Dahl, DollarMayn, Trykker Tina, Kåre Morgen, my parents, By-Expressen, Recycles, Wizard Works, Red Fox, Omnium, Velo 94 and A/B Kolibrien

In true Thunderfist style we are gonna go out with a bang.
Friday the 22nd of December from 15.00 til 19.00(as if…) 
There will be beer and cookies and last minute xmas shopping with epic discounts. Maybe Tequila shots.

We are open and doing repairs and sales  until  the 22nd.

Love from
Lisa//ThunderfistP:S If you’re reading this and are dreaming of running a bike shop, slide in our DMs, The whole shop is for sale!