While you rent a bike, we will guide you to some of all our favorit places and events in Copenhagen.

All our bikes brand new from June 2019 and safe and sturdy


  • Rent a Bike: 1 day (24H) DKK 100
  • Rent a Bike: 1 week DKK 500 
  • Insider tips on Copenhagen: Free
  • Helmet DKK 20 per helmet
  • Childrens helmet FREE
  • Baby Seat: 1 day (24H) DKK 50


We make sure you are instructed in the “do’s end dont’s” of the bike lanes in Copenhagen, so you can feel safe, when you rent a bike from us.


All our bikes come with a pedal brake, nexus 3 speed and a nexus roller brake on the front. The frames are all recycled! The are made for us by Roetz Bikes. At Roetz, they believe in second chances and pursue a circular and inclusive future. In the Amsterdam-based Roetz Fair Factory, men and women returning to the job market make new bikes from discarded ones. By hand and with pride. They train their staff to become skilled bicycle technicians and do everything in their power to help them find permanent employment. This goes hand in hand with Thunderfist Bicycles philosophy and therefore we have chosen Roetz Bikes to make our rental bikes. 

Please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS here.


Can I pay with creditcard?  

Yes we accept all credit cards as well as Apple Pay  and G Pay.

Can I return a bike outside opening hours?                              

Unfortunately, it is not possible to return our bikes outside opening hours. You have to return the bike on the agreed time. We operate in 24H slots and  you will be charged for half a day if it is not returned in time.

Do I need to pay a deposit when renting?

Yes, we charge a DKK 1000  deposit and scan your picture-ID ( drivers license or passport). 100% of the deposit  will be returned to your card after you bring back the bike in the agreed condition. Your personal info will be deleted from our system once the bike is returned.

What do I do? I am traveling with my child do you have a child carrier? 

Yes we do. You can add a child seat on your bike for DKK 50 for 24 hours. This includes a children’s helmet. The YEPP MAXI is for kids ages 2 to 5 years. Max load for the child seat is 20 kg.

My bike was stolen! What to do?

If you lose your bike we will charge you the deposit we reserved on your credit card. Please call or return to the shop asap.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

No you don’t have to wear a helmet, but you are welcome to add one to you rental for DKK 20.

More about Thunderfist Bike Rental

So you might wonder who would want to open an old fashioned bike rental shop with an actual address, when the streets are drowning in electric scooters you can rent with the push of a button? Well, we do and here are the reasons why:


We are locals who live and breathe in Copenhagen and we have access to knowledge about current secrets, events and possibilities in Copenhagen and we are willing to share them with you. We want to cater to the more curious and thoughtful guests in our city and we believe that this is best done human to human.



Our Bikes are all build on recycled frames and with quality parts by the Amsterdam-based Roetz Fair Factory. Here people with poor job prospects for whatever reason are trained to become skilled bicycle technicians and Roetz help them find permanent employment. They call this Fair Factory and we love it.


We want to facilitate the possibilities to support local businesses instead of face-less corporations with foreign bank accounts.


Its important to us to make sure that you as a guest in our city is well prepared on what to expect and how to behave in the bike lanes of Copenhagen. Those bike lanes can at times be more “hectic” than “hygge”.
With all this being said we open our shop, our hearts and our arms and welcome you all curious and thoughtful guests to drop by Fælledvej 13 on Nørrebro to rent a bike, shop some accessories or just to get some insider tips on what our city has to offer.
From Copenhagen with Love
// Lisa & Emil – Thunderfist Bike Rentals